“You are not Sovereign if you can’t feed yourself”

The Food Sovereignty Gardening Program is to create awareness and promote healthy lifestyles through a holistic living and food sovereignty. The participants learn garden basics from planting to harvesting and storing food;  traditional gardening, botany and food knowledge; they learn to be good stewards of the land; they learn healthy eating habits, and awareness of health issues prominent amongst Indigenous Peoples; they learn about GMO’s, pesticides and other chemicals that are harmful. They learn the healing powers of the earth.

Wild Plum & Choke Cherry harvest

Our Sacred Connection to Corn

Canning and Food storage



Thank you all who submitted our Garden Program Form.

We are sad to announce we are no longer taking applications. Watch for our next Garden Program in 2021.

We are no longer taking applications for the Garden Program.

Food Sovereignty Food Program

Thank you for your interest and submission.

We will contact you soon.

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