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Pandemic Relief Efforts

Yellow Bird is addressing the pandemic in multiple ways:

Providing Emergency Food & Supplies for Elders and Families

Calling and checking in on the Elders which are high risk for the Corona Virus.

Providing Natural Medicines and herbs to elders.

Providing Live Streaming Programs on Social Media to keep people centered & grounded; bring families together; and keep youth engaged during school closures.

     •  Morning Coffee with Yellow Bird

     •  Talk for Teens

     •  Traditional Storytelling

Addressing Food Insecurity through Food Sovereignty and Gardening.

Providing all support and supplies to plant, grow and harvest a garden.

Providing Food Sovereignty education and outreach

We ask for your support by contributing through our online portal and/or providing items on our needs list, share with your friends and family.


We thank you for your support during this critical time.

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