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Over 20 years of providing Youth Programming

Yellow Bird, is a non-profit organization, founded by Phillip Whiteman Jr. Northern Cheyenne Traditional Chief and Lynette Two Bulls, Oglala Lakota who is also the Executive Director. We are located on the beautiful Northern Cheyenne Homelands in Southeastern Montana. At the core of our organization are the youth and elders. These two age groups are crucial because they represent the future and the wisdom needed to carry on. We are comprised of a youth and elder advisory council and depend on volunteers for our programs.


We were honored to be an affiliate of Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples, for ten years who provided technical support and fiscal management. Now, Yellow Bird its own 501c3  Non Profit Organization, continues to expand, grow and continues to deeply impact the community.


Yellow Bird was founded on the traditional principals of “reciprocity” and “giving back” to our community.  Our original programming the Annual Fort Robinson Outbreak Spiritual 400 mile Run has become a venue for addressing historical trauma, wellness and youth leadership. Now, after 20 years of youth programming; Yellow Bird has grown to include Youth Leadership & Empowerment, Arts & Culture, Food Sovereignty, Wellness, Social Justice, Environmental Justice, and Community Empowerment and Development.

“It takes a whole village to raise a child”

Yellow Bird, Heove ve ‘keso, is the Northern Cheyenne traditional name of Phillip Whiteman Jr. 

Phillip Whiteman Jr.

Founder & Spiritual Leader

Lynette Two Bulls

Executive Director

Jennie Seminole Parker

Elder Advisor/Historian



Who We Are


To provide programming to preserve our traditional life-ways and language; empower native communities through social change; protect mother earth; promote healthy lifestyles; and to create cultural understanding and integrity. Yellow Bird has been providing community programing for over 20 years.

Yellow Bird’s organizational goals are as follows:

  • Preserve the integrity of indigenous cultures, traditions, and language.

  • Protect the land, water, air, and environment.

  • Promote youth leadership, and community development, by providing programming to educate and empower the youth and community.

  • Promote physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being by providing healthy activities for indigenous communities.

  • Enhance cross-cultural human development, cultural education, greater understanding and improvement of cross-cultural relations through sharing of indigenous cultures.

Mission Statement


Reconnecting to Generational Wisdom and Resilience

Our work is important to native communities; we provide programming that address root causes of social, economic, racial, and environmental justice. We address food sovereignty and food insecurity; and we have a strong foundation of Youth Leadership programs. Yellow Bird addresses the generational impacts of historical trauma and focus on reconnecting to generational wisdom and resilience.

The Foundation of all Yellow Bird programs is the traditional teachings, knowledge, language, life-ways, spirituality, Indigenous horse culture, and building upon the resilience of our Indigenous peoples; this is what keeps Yellow Bird at the forefront of youth leadership and empowerment programs.

What We Do
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